Who is The Girl With a Compass?

Hi! That’s me, Ffion. A British girl with a passion for travel and a desire to write. This is my little corner of the internet where I can bring those two things together and hopefully share some stories, tips and advice with you along the way.

Tell me more…

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved being abroad. My first experience out of the UK was to France, to a seaside town that I would visit with my family every year. We would spend 3 weeks camping, swimming, eating, cycling and visiting the beach, and those summers were some of the happiest of my childhood.

When I was older, the pull of traveling abroad grew and grew, and after leaving 6th form I put all the money from my part time job towards my first big trip. I spent the next 2 months traveling Europe by train with a friend – drinking and eating our way around Spain, Andorra, France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

That was it. I was hooked on traveling.

Where have you been?

In my adult life, I’ve made it my aim to travel as often as I can, whenever I can. Living in the UK I’m lucky enough to have so many amazing countries right at my door step, so traveling to European countries like Denmark, Germany, Hungary and Czech Republic has been possible, and something that I never take for granted!

In 2008 I set my sights a bit further away from home, and spent a year studying abroad in America. This was a life changing year to me in so many ways, and I’m a huge advocate for exchange programs. If you’re considering it, just do it! I followed my year of American college up with an epic USA road trip that covered 19 states. Oh yeah, I should probably mention here – I’m little bit obsessed with the USA…

So that wasn’t enough for me! In 2011, after graduating from my Journalism Master’s in Kingston, Surrey, I returned to the States to live and intern with a travel magazine in New York City. My dream was to stay, but alas, my visa expired and I had to leave my favourite city in the world and return to the UK.


That was back in 2011. Since then, I’ve moved from my home town Bath, England across the bridge to the capital of Wales, Cardiff, where I’m currently living and working. Being tied to a full time, non-travel related job means that I can’t always travel as spontaneously or frequently as I’d like, but I’m setting in motion some plans to change this. Until then, I’ll continue making it my priority to explore as much of this world as I can!

(Oh, and I really like beer. Especially the German stuff!)